When we did the brownie testing, my top favorites were #3 and #5 because they were really fudgy and moist. These two brownies were the home-made recipes and I preferred the home-made taste rather than the box flavor. When we tasted the brownies, my favorite out of the five was brownie #5. I liked this one the best because you could taste and tell that it was a home-made recipe. I love fudgy brownies, and this brownie was the definition of fudgy-ness. It’s chocolate flavor was really intense and tasty. My second favorite brownie was brownie #3. This one was the other home-made recipe, and not out of the box. I liked this one a lot, because similiar to brownie #5, this one was very fudgy. I love the taste of fudgy brownies because it has such a rich and strong chocolate flavor.

My least favorite, were brownies #2 and #4. These two came from the box.  I didn’t like these brownies because they seemed a little dry compared to the other brownies. Also comparing these to the other brownies, the chocolate flavor seemed not as strong.

Overall, my favorite brownie was Ruth Reichl’s Art Park Brownies.  My criteria for the brownies was based on the texture, fudgyness, chocolate flavor, and overall rating. Brownie #5 got the best ratings from me in all of these categories.


My three favorite food blogs are http://www.bakeorbreak.com, http://www.room-4-dessert.com/, and http://dessertcomesfirst.com/. All of these are about desserts and food! (:

I thought number 1 tasted really good. it was creamy and i gave it a high rating for the vanilla taste. This one also melted very quickly once you ate it.
Number 2 I thought was really good. This one i thought tasted like number 1 and it was one of my favorites.
Number 3 I thought that it tasted very bland. It had no flavor and i felt like it tasted like sugary milk.
Number 4 I did not like at all. I thought that it had a butterry and fluffy texture.
Number 5 i thought tasted okay. It was really thick and had a good vanilla taste.
Number 6 i definitely thought it was the worst. It’s texture was like #4, very fluffy and it tasted like whipped butter. I thought it tasted so gross that i couldn’t finish eating it.
Overall, my favorite was number 1 and 2. They had the perfect creamy texture and tasted delicious 🙂

lalala i like food 🙂